London week: Leo Burnett

The 9am briefing allowed us to experience rush hour traffic which consisted of squashing ourselves like sardines into a tube carriage and squeezing out the door in the hope of the right stop. Luckily, we were greeted at Leo Burnett by free Bacon rolls and of course, ex-Lincoln students Laura and Elliott. We worked all day in the agency on the brief we were set, making use of the cheap coffee bar downstairs so stir up ideas on ‘how to get children outside more’.

After working all day, we slumped back into the boardroom - very tired and very hungry - and waited to be critted by Elliott. Agency work took over so he was running late, so instead, we were given an in-depth presentation of the ins and outs of placement life. From tubes to Creative Directors - you name it, Elliott covered it. Overall, the day was an insightful look into agency life and the information at the end was nothing less than brilliant - and will hopefully one day soon, be very useful.