London week: FCBInferno

Two UFO's tried to get into the picture (they love being in group photos).

So our last agency stop was visiting FCB inferno. We were introduced to Tim Palmer a creative director at the agency who also happens to have studied with our very own Mike Belton. We were then set a live brief for Barnardo's by Tim and his lovely strategist, and were given until the end of the day to smash it. The fact it was a live brief added a little pressure to impress.

We then returned later with what we all hoped were golden ideas and took it in turns to present them to Tim and the creative team behind the Barnardo's campaign. They all gave great feedback on every idea and took time to suggest ways to make the idea even stronger. They were genuinely excited about a lot of the work we showed. After stealing some colourful note pads we all left FCB Inferno on a high (metaphorically) and raring to go back with the hope of a placement. See you soon FCB Inferno. - Mirella