London week: BBH

‘Our final day in the Big Smoke arrived. Only one more day of flat whites, edgy Instagram posts and of course visiting agencies (that’s what we’re there for, right?).

The morning was a pick and mix of London for most. Some taking the time for book crits, others for a sight see. Until we all convened at BBH in the early afternoon. The agency that zags, when the rest zig. We’d walked in on a talk as part of their craft week, a week which aimed to promote craft within the industry. There, we met a fantastic ex-Lincoln team, Claire and Maria. These super smart guys spent their entire afternoon teaching us the tricks of the trade, and filling us full of caramel bites. A presentation in how to present yourself in book crits, how to pitch your work, and how to note feedback was incredibly helpful – I’m sure to say the entire group learned a huge amount. 

We eagerly pinned our work onto the glossy walls, we’d been working on a brief to ‘Change peoples lives through colour’. Some interesting executions were pitched.  Our work was subject to an honest crit, letting us know of our presentation, the standard of our work, and also ourselves, the key is to let your personality show throughout – yes Anisha. 

Toby was concerned by the amount of water on the table, Phill and Carys ‘unintentionally’ matched with their outfits (#teamgear) and some of us spent more time in the nibbles than others – who wouldn’t eh’.

Following a great afternoon, the agency’s music night kicked off in the evening, with some of us even popping out for a few chips from the endless KFC buffet – a lot of buckets that’s for sure.

And with a late train home, our London week was finally brought to a close. It’s fair to say we learnt an unbelievable amount from the industry. We met a bunch of incredibly talented people, and decided that we’d probably not need to drink for a week afterwards. Seriously, thanks to all the agencies that hosted us, fed us, and imparted their wisdom to some excitable creatives.

It’s simply made us even more ambitious.’