London week: Mother

Eden giving herself a book crit.

Swish tries to read Abi's Facebook page without being noticed.

Early morning we arrived in Shoreditch, furiously attempting to roll up our jeans and grow beards to fit in with the hipster crowd. Upon entry to the Mother offices we were each given 'biscuit' stickers, supposedly to set us apart from those who were the "real deal" aka Mike and Ben. After admiring the wall of Mothers we were taken upstairs for the big briefing and given the task of exciting the world about over 50's life insurance. We had the whole day to run riot over the downstairs area at Mother, and were told to help ourselves to anything from the kitchen (apologies for clearing you guys out). After a day of calls to grandparents and strange looks as we tried to operate the coffee machine we met with yet more beers in hand to present the big ideas. Everyone ended the day on a high, and left the offices after ten straight hours of work to collapse on our beds and look forward to Thursday's lie in before Grey.