London week: VCCP and The Talent Business

Matt asks for gravy with his chips (he's new to London).

Day two. Bright and early we met outside the VCCP building at Francis Street. Just about recovered from the previous day's crash brought on by copious amounts of free caffeine, we went straight up to floor five to meet Steve, one half of Dando and Dodd. We talked about houses, placements, and discovering your father peeing into a plant pot, so we learnt a lot about agency life. After seeing another swanky showreel that made us all quake in our boots, we had a quick Q&A and left all fired up to seek our advertising fortune. Ham sandwich pack ups were eaten outside Buckingham palace (who ever said the student life couldn't be classy) and then we all headed off to Covent Garden to meet Nikki from The Talent Business. We chatted about Cream 2016 over chips and beers, and after one too many all vowed to be there this year. So now we are all back in our hostles and Airbnb's working on our books and sandwich making skills to blow Mother out the water tomorrow.