London week: Publicis.

Anisha is surprised whilst stealing stationary from Publicis 

It's London week and the third year CA students are visiting a variety of ad agencies every day. It's a tough week with demanding briefs being set with quick turnaround times but the experience will really get everyone up to speed for when they graduate in a few months time. One of todays agencies was Publicis and CA student Carys tells us how the day went.

After a morning of cafe hopping and spending a stupid portion of our student loan on unnecessary coffees we headed to Publicis on Baker Street. We had all prepared work for an Oral B brief in advance so after a run through of the agency showreel (described as a cool looking video with a cool sounding soundtrack) we popped our work on the boards ready to be torn to shreds. We pitched wth our free Heinekens in hand, with ideas ranging from murderers to marriage and luckily managed to win over Ben and Dan to win the coveted Publicis pencil. It was a great start to the week, and we left with our bags stuffed with free cokes to get an early night for the busy week ahead.