The Great Debate 2016

Some might say the Greatest Debate yet, some might not.

The debate gets heated, meanwhile, Liv knits a tiny jumper.

Annie (the tallest girl in the world) waits in anticipation.

Sometimes a panoramic can distort an image,  but that's actually what Phill looks like, we shouldn't laugh.

Justin's impromptu Maths lesson.

Emma holds her chin, the international sign language for 'I don't believe you'.

After the rap battle, the final round begins on our wonderful terrace.

Every year we run this fantastic event called the Great Debate, recognised in industry as ''one of the best dynamic training tools they've heard about' and that's a direct quote.

The First and second years are put into pairs in their respective year groups. They have a week to research five questions, each of which have a Yes or No response...or Skips or Quavers.

It is judged by the third years and the students competing will not find out which question is in which round until just before the round begins.

They only find out which side of the debate they must fight for seconds before the round begins

It's all about understanding not only your argument but also the perspective of your opponent. As well as this, being audience aware is vital - the third years do not suffer fools gladly.

Justin (Level One Co-Ordinator) was too devastated to write this post this year, an all Level 2 final was too much for him, the second years finally putting an end to his impressive winning streak. Nathan and Bean (Jake) battled Rory (last year's GD winner) and Gus in the final. It was a closely fought match and with only one vote in it, Nathan and Bean were finally crowned champions of this years Great Debate.

A huge thank you to the third years taking time out of their busy schedule to help support this years debate and to all students who took part this year.