Where are they now? Pieter and Amy update

Pieter Konickx & Amy Westbrook, who graduated in 2010, have been busily building their portfolio whilst freelancing for Saint London. They must be doing something right because they've just had their freelance contract extended by another six months.

The pair of them have been working on some really interesting briefs and recently got the chance to advertise the agency in Campaign magazine. They produced a great ad and got the chance to work with some great models. Amy explains in more detail...

"Piet and I were asked to work on an ad that would represent Saint in Campaign magazine. It is featured next to an article which talks about the playful and innovative attitude that Saint have as a company.

Working with a very well trained model.

This was a great opportunity for us to have some fun and come up with some crazy thoughts. The final idea showed a cat playfully teasing a mouse in a unique and inventive way, which perfectly reflected the culture here at Saint.

No animals were harmed in the making of this advert.

It was decided that it would look best photographed with a real cat and mouse. Alex Howe was the photographer and captured great detail and expression in the animals. The photo shoot was great and we are really pleased with the outcome. It reflects Saint as the fun and innovative agency that it is."

The finished advert as it appeared in Campaign.