Ad agency London week for level 3 - part 3

To continue the reports from level 3 Creative Advertising students following their recent week in London as they engaged with some of London's best advertising agencies...

...Elliott Starr tells us about DLKW Lowe:-

'On Wednesday we went to DLKW Lowe. After waiting under the mooses head, past Lincoln graduates Neil and Stefan called us in. They talked us through some of their work, what they had learned on placement and life at DLKW Lowe.

Outside DLKW Lowe

'After seeing some of their work, we moved onto the crit. The brief Neil and Stefan had set us a few days before was to get teenagers to give blood. The ideas varied wide and far. From Matt Parson’s ‘Only scum don’t give blood’ to Greg Harvey’s and Mike Mackenzie’s ‘Thank the person who saved your life.’ Neil and Stefan critiqued the work in a really relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

'After some great feedback, they showed us their solution to the brief. We then had Q&A session and shortly found ourselves back on the streets of London, depressed, having remembered that we didn’t actually work at DLKWLowe.'

Level 3 student Emma Pearson reports back from The Talent Business:-

'I'm ashamed to say I hadn't heard of The Talent Business before our visit. If you had any worries about starting out in London, you needn't look any further. The company specialises in helping us find a job.  You see, they're headhunters.

'With close relationships with agencies, they know what is needed in your portfolio to get a job and they know what the industry are looking for. Who better to help you when searching for placements or a permanent position?

'Every year The Talent Business run an international competition called Cream. By submitting your portfolio into their office, your work is critiqued and seen by people around the world. Not only do the top twenty win a chance to attend an event full of contacts in the industry, but it is also a chance for your work to be noticed. It's a win-win opportunity and well worth a submission.'

Reports from Inferno and Creature tomorrow...