Ad agency London week for level 3 - part 4

Continuing the reports from level three Creative Advertising students after they spent a week engaging with some of the best advertising agencies in London...

... Inferno by Mel Webb:-
'On Thursday we visited Inferno. Many of us had visited them previously but this time it was in their new location close to Covent Garden. We were greeted by Tim Palmer, Inferno's Digital Creative Director. Tim went to University with our tutor Mike Belton, so a glorious photograph of a rather younger looking Belton welcomed us on the boardroom screen!

'At 9am we were briefed by Tim and Bambos Neophytou, Head of Strategy. When Nando's was announced as our client a few whoops and cheers were heard! With the main thought of the brief being 'Acts of Mischief', this brief allowed us to have some fun, make people laugh and be entertaining with our work.

In some ways this brief provided a different sort of challenge to us. We often work on products or brands which need to be sold, companies which have lost their appeal or need a boost. With Nando's being in a prime position, this meant we just needed to think about the personality not the products.

The day's work is reviewed at Inferno

'At the end of the day the teams presented their work to several people from Inferno followed by individual critiques from them all. Once again we were so grateful for the time they gave to us and the excellent feedback we received.

'To celebrate a successful day we were invited for drinks in their roof bar where we were able to chat to creatives, filling our minds with more advice on how to get those much sought after placements.'

Drinks at the end of the day at Inferno

... Creature by Mike Mackenzie:-
'We were greeted on arrival at the agency by the first creative employees of the one year old company, familiar faces Brooke and Ruud who graduated Lincoln 2 years ago, along with one of the three founding partners Stuart Outhwaite.

'Stu opened with a light introduction to Creature, a small ambitious creative agency who seemingly does everything they have ever wanted to do and make ads on the side! Brooke and Ruud for example were mid-way through the process of launching a restaurant and half way through writing their own opera, as well as pitching for clients such as Adidas. The company also has a play and a musical out this summer.

Creature's Brooke, Ruud and Stu talk to the Lincoln students

'Having talked the entire group of third years into wanting to work for him, Stu went on to talk about his experience of getting a job in advertising, spilling out information faster than any normal person could possibly write it down. Then Brooke and Ruud were given the opportunity to talk about their recent experience of breaking into the industry.

'A week prior to the visit the group had been set the task of gaining 500 followers on a fictional Twitter account. Few were successful, but the task had been set to make a point: it is important to do something different to impress a potential employer as well as what they are expecting to see.

'Finally, Stu’s 3 keys to success:    Initiative     Tenacity      Personality'