Ad agency London week for level 3 - part 5

The last two reports from level three Creative Advertising students after they spent a very busy week engaging with some of the best advertising agencies in London...

... JWT by Jade Sturman 
'After a long week of visiting various agencies last on the agenda was JWT. Having learnt so much over the week I was surprised how much new and useful information Miles Bingham at JWT provided us.

Outside JWT

Miles set a brief in which we had to advertise Jacobs Creek wine or Tennent’s Beer. The critique was brief and to the point but useful non the less. He explained that we were to expect this sort of criticism when we were in the industry and demonstrated how this kind of feedback is what we should anticipate as young professionals receiving criticism on our portfolios and on future work that we will hopefully be producing one day.

Miles showed us he own student book which subsequently secured him a job within the industry. I found looking at Miles’ book very valuable and reassuring, as it was full of strong strategies and great ideas. This is what students at Lincoln aim for with every piece of work they create.

He also showed us the kind of work that he is producing whilst working for JWT. The work was amazing and left me feeling excited and optimistic about working in the industry. I found the advice Miles gave us valuable and certainly influenced my opinions on the kind of agency I would hope to work for in the future.’

... Isobel by Nicky Perry
‘It was a beautiful morning but most of us spent it completing work for Isobel in the afternoon. The brief that Isobel had set the week before was to come up with an idea or campaign to get the Daily Mirror noticed - one that would rival the new adverts for the Sun on Sunday and the Guardian’s Three Little Pigs campaign.

‘We presented each teams’ work to Rob Fletcher, one of the Creative Directors at the agency, and he gave quick feedback on the work, some suggestions and his opinions. The rest of the time he spent talking to us as a group, and gave us a lot of advice.

‘He loved the idea of breaking the rules, doing the opposite and creating havoc. He suggested: “find virgin snow”, make your book stand out, friction is a good thing, have fun, and be original. Rob loves a good chat, so all you need to do is start up a conversation!’